He hit me! … This isn’t over!
If he thinks I’m happy with him running down the street crying,he is sadly mistaken! 
What was he thinking? Does he think that I’d just be okay with that? Oh I’m gonna-I’m gonna bust him up! I’m gonna put his head through a wall!

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Johnny and Berg bromance :}

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Hey thanks so much for making all of these amazing gifs for this highly underappreciated show. You are my hero. Could I possibly request some gifs, with text, from the first season of Sharon not being a people person. Like the one from 'and a Celtics Game' where Sharon says "one more time and the tooth fairie's gonna owe you twenty-four bucks". Thanks so much :)

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Thank you! I’ve been slacking lately do to my other obligations and stuff. I will try and do more soon. As for your request - I unfortunately do not have season one. I only have the episodes where Nathan Fillion aka Johnny are in. So if they are in there somewhere, just be more specific with it. :)

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Pete: Now that’s a fire worth fighting!

Two Guys and a Girl 3.18 | Once Again From the Beginning

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"Frankly, I don’t like it!"


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Hi, not sure if you're still operating the blog but I have a request. It's the episode where Berg walks into the apartment and Johnny is sitting there in the dark. I'd just love a gif of Berg's reaction, when he see's Johnny and then turns around and runs into the door. Thanks :)

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Yes, I’m still running this place. Just been busy with stuff. My apologies. As for the gif request, I thought I had reblogged the gif, but apparently not. I will do that now for you. :)

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